The Pleasure Emporium: A Virtual Dungeon Experience

They say you can't buy happiness.........

These men have neve had the pleasure of meeting Metro Detroit's finest Femdom Mistress Phoenix Rising. Take a tour of The Pleasure Emporium and why you too will want to submit to such an exquisite and fiery goddess.

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Memoirs of a Mistress

Remember who you came here to serve

Memoirs of a Mistressis gives a more detailed and personal look into the personal and online world of Mistress Phoenix Rising where all who come are her audience; be it fan, friend or foe.

Do you want to know exactly what it is that this sultry femdom does? Then enter through these virtual doors; take the tour and explore.

Here you can learn about the various faces and forms bdsm takes on and where you may or may not belong.

You can browse hundreds of images, watch her video clips, listen to her voice or simply admireand adore as a submissive, fetishist, fan or kinkster. As a inquisitve mind you can learn about bdsm, fetish, female lead relationships through the lens of Ms. Phoenix Rising and so much more!

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Who Is Ms. Rising?

Truly gifted in her feminine charms

Ms. Phoenix Rising is a sensual but firm professional and lifestyle femdom, adult toy consultant and blogger from Metro Detroit dedicated to providing an enriching experience whether you are simply curious or are a seasned and skilled enthusiast. "LIKE" her page on Facebook to keep up with her latest blog postings but become a premium member and submerge into the erotic unknown.

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